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What Are Loader Tyres?What Are Loader Tyres?

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Loader Tyres Brisbane

Loader Tyres Brisbane are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of haulage companies. They are specifically designed to make travelling in and out of trailers, transport vehicles and mobile homes a much easier task. The Tyres are made up of a sturdy steel frame and are commonly used on many construction sites, where they are used to carry heavy industrial equipment and supplies. Other industries that make use of Loader Tyres would be the mining industry, construction industry, the oil and gas sector, as well as road and air freight operating.


The reason for the increased demand for Larger Tyres is because of their increased capabilities when it comes to transporting larger loads. They have been developed over the years to help increase driver safety as well as making hauling long distances easier and safer for drivers. Most tires come with a minimum tread depth of 3 inches, which makes them suitable for most weather conditions, whilst the added tread does help to give traction in wet and icy conditions. Tyres are normally built tough and durable to withstand harsh working conditions, however if your Tyres are beginning to look worn out or rusty, then it may be time to replace them.


When it comes to purchasing a Tyre from a Truck Tyre dealer, there are numerous options to choose from. Dealers generally offer several different models and brands that will cater to your specific needs. If you are looking to purchase a Tyre online, you will have a better chance of being supplied with the model, brand and size you require. However if you feel more comfortable speaking to a customer representative or staff member, then you can always request to speak with one. Asking questions such as, what is the difference between a DOT Tyre and an Expanded Tyre? as well as which tyre types are the best for hauling specific items will help you make the best decision regarding your next new tyre.