Quality Watch Straps Online

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Quality Watch Straps Online

Watches are one of those accessories that can really take your look to the next level. Changing out the strap is like swapping out an outfit in the fashion industry and it’s always fun to find a new band that matches your mood or style. Find out Wristbuddys.com

A number of companies offer top notch leather bands that are worth the premium price. Whether it’s for an old school tool watch or something modern and edgy, there are options for every budget.

The most expensive straps on the market are from the likes of Rolex and Omega, but you can still find some good-quality bands for less than a few hundred dollars. For example, a brushed steel NATO from Hirsch is a solid choice that will go with almost any watch and costs less than $200 USD.

Quality Watch Straps Online

Another high-quality strap maker is Camille Fournet. They are known for their leather straps and have a wide selection of sizes and styles available, but the most popular option is probably the Ironwood which is made from extra-soft calfskin that’s lightly distressed to give it a vintage look. It’s a fantastic strap for a vintage Rolex Submariner or even a modern Tudor Black Bay 54 or 58.

On the lower end, you can check out Brady’s Straps which is a company that has been around for a while. They have a great selection of fitted straps and universal fit NATOs in all sorts of leathers, including Horween shell cordovan. They also offer a limited line of sailcloth straps which is a trend that’s picking up steam right now.

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