Hunting in Namibia

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hunting in namibia

For the modern day big game hunter, hunting in namibia offers a variety of opportunities. The country’s huge wilderness areas and hunting concessions offer the discerning hunter the opportunity to pursue all the big game species of Africa.

Trophy hunters’ safaris within game fenced areas where wildlife can live as wild sustainable populations and is not detrimental to the local environment, falls well within internationally acceptable standards of fair chase, ethical hunting. This is also known as conservation hunting and it is the model Namibian hunters follow.

Into the Wild: Exploring Hunters Safaris in Africa

The most popular big game hunts in namibia are for the plains game species such as Oryx, Greater Kudu, Damara Dik-Dik, Black-Faced Impala, Steenbok and Mountain Zebra (Hartmann). These hunts take place on private land, conservancies or hunting concession areas. The size of the hunting areas varies from a few thousand acres to multi-million acre areas.

Namibian big game hunters are very keen on introducing their foreign clients to the precepts of conservation hunting and the benefits that well managed and conducted hunting can have on the people of namibia, its wildlife and its natural habitat.

The Skeleton Coast is the driest area of sub-Saharan Africa and is home to the desert lion, which stalks oryx, ostriches and giraffe for their food. It is also a prime spot for dangerous game hunting safaris as it offers the opportunity to hunt all of the Big Five except elephant and rhino. The Caprivi Strip is another primary danger game destination in northern Namibia with all the Big Five and large herds of buffalo that roam with regularity between Angola, Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Zimbabwe.

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