The Real World by Andrew Tate

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Previously known as Hustlers University, The Real World is an online business training program taught by Andrew Tate. The program teaches students how to break free from the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and create their own wealth and success through investments, entrepreneurship, and passive income streams. The program also emphasizes the importance of having a growth mindset and unshakable confidence as key drivers for financial success.

In Search of Authenticity: Lessons from Andrew Tate’s “The Real World

Tate’s training programs have attracted thousands of monthly paying customers, with frequent student success stories. However, the training is not without controversy. Many critics say that the course is a cynical ingenious grift, with all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. It exploits young people in a cult-like atmosphere, with students being pushed to work unsustainable hours and skip sleep in order to produce social media content promoting Tate’s interests.

VICE News spoke to students who claim to have experienced the programme. The interviews show that the community is full of vulnerable boys and young men who struggle to make ends meet and believe that they can become rich by following Tate’s teachings. In some cases, they ask for help with paying their medical bills or securing accommodation. They are blinded by their hero worship of Tate and seem to be convinced that the platform is their ticket out of the matrix.

Some students have expressed concerns about the programme’s affiliation with The War Room, a group that promotes radical misogyny and leads kids into courses in which they are trained to traffic women into sex work. Others have questioned why TikTok has continued to allow the videos and other content produced by The Real World members despite its ban on the programme.

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