Dog Paintings On Canvas


Dogs are a popular subject for art, and have been included in paintings from ancient times. They have also been the subject of many novels, and are often portrayed as loyal companions. Paintings of dogs have become popular since the 18th century, as they became more commonly domesticated. The establishment of the Kennel Club in England and America helped to encourage the popularity of dog paintings on canvas portraits, as they provided breed standards for artists to follow.

What do dogs symbolize in culture?

One of Goya’s Black Paintings, painted directly onto the walls at his house in the Quinta del Sordo, between 1819 and 1823 when he was in his 70s and suffering from mental and physical distress. It is divided into an upper, dirty ochre “sky” and a lower sloping, curved dark brown section that fades to black, over which the head of the dog, with its snout raised, looks up. A faint dark shape over the head is sometimes seen as damage or a deliberate inclusion, but most likely is an artifact of an earlier painting that decorated the wall before Goya overpainted it with The Dog.

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