Day: November 24, 2023

CIS Home Loans – Financial SolutionsCIS Home Loans – Financial Solutions

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CIS Home Loans – Financial Solutions provides mortgage loan financing services. The Company offers FHA, conventional, rural housing and HARP loan programs. CIS Home Loans also offers chattel financing for manufactured homes. The Company serves customers in the United States.

What is CIS in lending?

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage loan is an important first step to take when looking to purchase a new home. This process will give you insight into what kind of home price range you can afford as well as give you a chance to compare your options for mortgage lenders. Pre-qualification is not a commitment to get a loan, but it will give you and the seller confidence that you are serious about purchasing a home.

The CIS Mortgage is designed to offer tailored mortgage deals for people who are part of the Construction Industry Scheme. As such, they can often obtain a higher value loan than many Self-Employed people who are not members of the scheme. To qualify for a CIS Mortgage, you will need to provide your yearly accounts and recent CIS payslips so that the lender can calculate how much income you make.

CIS Home Loans is one of the few mortgage lenders that offers three loan options specifically for manufactured and modular homes. In addition to providing a variety of different loan programs, the company also offers down payment assistance for qualified buyers. This feature is unique in the mortgage lending industry, and it helps to build trust between borrowers and the lender.