How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home


Wall art

Wall art is often an afterthought to home design, but it can make the difference between a drab space and one that sings. Whether you’re going for a clean, contemporary look, an earthy boho vibe, or something with more of a statement quality, the right piece can transform your room and elevate your home design scheme.

Start by considering the size of your space and the style of your decor. Aim for your piece to cover about two-thirds of the available empty space. Choosing the wrong size can throw off the balance of the room and leave it feeling stunted or crowded.

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Wall Art: A Guide

Then consider the color palette of your space. The best wall art will be a combination of current trends and your personal aesthetic so it will blend with your existing home decor, rather than clash with it. For example, minimalist line drawings are on trend this year and they work well in a wide variety of home styles. Likewise, abstract art and geometric shapes are versatile options for those with modern tastes.

Next, decide on the type of wall art you want to hang and how you’d like it to be displayed. Some framed artworks can be hung with traditional nails, but others will require a more sturdy hanging system like sawtooth brackets or eye hooks. If you’re unsure how to hang your art, it’s a good idea to outline the dimensions with masking tape or sheets of paper on the floor first. That way, you can experiment with different arrangements and see what works best for your space.

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