Domestic Thermal Imaging Survey Cost


domestic thermal imaging survey cost

When it domestic thermal imaging survey cost, thermal imaging is an invaluable tool. The images produced are used to highlight any gaps or holes in the structure that could be allowing heat to escape and will help to identify areas where insulation needs to be replaced or increased. This information can be used to make buildings as energy efficient as possible and reduce heating bills and carbon emissions.

As a result of this, thermal imaging surveys are increasingly being sought by landlords as they strive to increase their EPC ratings and ensure their tenants are receiving the best value for money. Additionally, the government has set a target for 2022 that all rented properties will have an EPC rating of C or above, so it’s important that landlords are aware of areas where their properties are letting them down and taking action to address these issues.

Comparing Quotes: How Much Should You Pay for a Domestic Thermal Imaging Survey in the UK

Thermal imaging cameras can also be used to locate water leaks, vermin infestations and hidden electrical hot spots. This makes it a useful addition to any home inspection, as it helps homeowners and potential buyers to identify problems before they purchase the property and save them time and money on repairs once they move in.

Although the technology is extremely valuable, it’s essential that building inspectors use it with caution and only look for anomalies that are relevant to their clients’ interests. Aside from being able to see what the naked eye can’t, thermography can highlight issues such as excessive draughts, leaking windows and poor quality insulation. These are all areas that can be easily resolved and significantly reduce the amount of heat being lost in a property.

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