Healthcare Billing Delaware

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The bill, which passed this year and goes into effect in 2020, prohibits hospitals and other large healthcare billing delaware from charging interest and late fees on unpaid bills. It also bars companies that collect on medical debt from using tactics like harassment or intimidation. The measure is similar to laws in other states aimed at reducing medical debt, which the National Consumer Law Center estimates now accounts for more than $88 billion on American credit reports.

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The legislation also strengthens existing protections against surprise billing, which typically occurs when a patient receives non-emergency services at an in-network facility and then receives out-of-network care from a different provider without being told in advance. Those services aren’t covered by the patient’s insurance and could result in significant charges to the insured.

A reputable healthcare billing delaware firm utilizes advanced software and technology to streamline the process of filing medical insurance claims. They also maintain extensive databases of health insurance regulations and fee schedules to ensure that claims are filed accurately. This increases income cycles, lowers claim rejection rates, and helps physicians achieve peace of mind in their practice. They also have direct lines of communication with representatives within larger payers to more rapidly resolve medical billing issues.

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