Spree Sports Review

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Spree Sports is a headband fitness monitor that is designed to be worn around your forehead. It measures heart rate, temperature and movement. It also synchronizes all of this with an app that is designed to help you achieve your workout goals.

What is love of sports called?

The device is small and sturdy, measuring 3.7 cm long x 1.8 cm wide x 1.1 cm deep. It has a micro USB charging port on one side and the sensors and status light on the other.

It pairs to your phone via Bluetooth after you start your workout, allowing it to save both battery on the device and your phone’s battery. You’ll see that the Spree POD is paired when you look at the light blue Bluetooth icon on your phone screen (right next to the battery indicator).

Once paired, the app will ask you for the location of the Spree POD so it can map your route. Once you’ve set your location and start the workout, the device will start to collect data on heart rate, distance traveled, speed, body temperature, time elapsed and calories burned.

The simplest way to understand the data is on a colored-coded, quick-look dashboard that shows you your heart rate, target heart rate, body temperature and speed in an easy to read arc. For example, the top arc goes from blue to yellow when you are in an optimal range and red when you are overheating.

The body temperature readings are very useful, separating the device from other wearable fitness monitors that simply measure heart rate. It would be nice to see the app surface that data.

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