How to Choose Heavy Equipment Casters


heavy equipment casters

Heavy Equipment Casters

Whether you’re in the foodservice or manufacturing industries, heavy equipment casters make it easy to move heavy-duty commercial equipment from one location to another. They’re also useful for moving mop buckets, hand carts and trash cans.

How to Choose Industrial Casters

Before choosing a set of heavy-duty casters for your application, consider the size, wheel diameter and fastening type. If you need to carry delicate objects or fragile materials, go for a smaller wheel diameter and low profile. This helps keep the object from rolling too quickly and keeps it from tripping.

Wheel Material: Depending on the application, heavy duty caster wheels can be made from nylon, urethane or steel. Nylon is inexpensive, but it doesn’t offer as much strength as urethane or steel.

Heavy Duty Performance: Choosing the Right Casters for Your Industrial Equipment

Steel is the strongest option, but it’s also the most expensive. It’s also the best for use on uneven surfaces and provides excellent shock absorption.

Load Capacity: Before you choose casters for your application, check the maximum weight capacity for each model. Then, divide that amount by the number of casters you need.

Maintenance Free: Look for casters that require no greasing. They’ll last longer and work better. They don’t have a design that allows debris to collect in the upper bearing, which can shorten their life.

Forged Steel: When grease, oil or corrosive agents are a concern, go for forged-steel casters. They’ll withstand the highest temperatures and loads.

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