Day: September 14, 2021

A Bloomingdale’s Home Accessories Collection For Your Vintage StyleA Bloomingdale’s Home Accessories Collection For Your Vintage Style

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Bloomingdale’s Home Store is a fixture in Chicago. Established in 1999, Betina Stampe has delighted shoppers with her love of art, eclectic style, and love of interior design. In just over a decade, Bloomingdale’s has earned itself a reputation as the go-to place for shoppers seeking not only traditional clothing but also a full range of specialty items. Stretching out from the storefront itself, Bloomingdale’s is a one-stop-shop for home decor and decorative furniture. In addition to offering conventional brick-and-mortar apparel, accessories, and furnishings, the store also prides itself on its selection of “green” and “natural” furnishings that encourage a more environmental-friendly lifestyle.

How To A Bloomingdale’s Home Accessories Collection For Your Vintage Style


In the retail space, Bloomingdale’s is famous for its display of unique handbags and jewelry as well as beautiful bloomingville chairs and table lamps. If you are searching for beautiful and elegant chandeliers or lamps to accent your home’s decor, Bloomingdale’s has it. With an impressive inventory of lighting fixtures and lighting options, you will be able to find a contemporary chandelier that suits your taste and compliments your home decor perfectly. Dining room tables and chairs are available in many styles as well, from traditional side tables to modern contemporary. With a variety of table and chair sets available, you will be able to find a beautiful bloomingville dining room table that you and your friends and family will love.

Bloomingdale’s carries a wonderful array of books, home accessories, and furniture for every home. Whether you are looking for antiques, new classics or affordable quality, you can count on Bloomingdale’s to bring you the latest trends and designs. If you want a bookstore in your neighborhood, or want to expand your home accessories collection, Bloomingdale’s has it all. Start your shopping today and get the home accessories and furniture that you love that are also within your budget.