Dental Crowns

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In dentistry, dental crowns refers to the whole anatomical region of permanent teeth, normally covered by temporary enamel. The crown normally emerges from above the gums and grows in place after growing below the gumline. If some of the tooth is broken or chipped, a dental crown can be applied. Crowns are also used for covering badly damaged tooth. A dentist’s crown has the same look as natural tooth but can’t be detected when the teeth are examined using x-rays.

dental crowns

Create A More Beautiful Smile

Sometimes, a dark line will grow along the gumline, which represents where a crown was placed. If the dental crowns grow directly over the gum line, it may not create that dark line. As the tooth grows, the crown starts to cover a larger area of the tooth and this results in a gradual darkened line. The color of the crown depends on the material that was used. However, most of them are white and have a soft feeling as they touch the gum. There is also a possibility of the crown being misplaced or falling off, which leads to another set of crowns being placed.

Dental crowns are commonly used dental restorations which can be applied to improve the overall appearance of your smile. The process of applying dental crowns is done by a dentist who uses instruments to mould the crown into place and then cover over the new crown. They are normally used for people who experience both chipped and broken teeth. The reason why they are commonly used in dental restorations is because they can help bring back your smile and they can also give you a better self-esteem. Dental crowns are definitely worth the investment if you want to have a better and more confident smile.

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