2 Raw Milk Cheese from Switzerland That Are Hard to Ignore

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If you love cheeses and are a raw foodist then the answer is definitely yes, I will be talking about two great examples that I know of off the top of my head. The first one being raw milk cheese from Switzerland. Now for some reason I have never really seen this cheese before and was wondering why it looked so different to regular mozzarella cheese. It does look much more gristle and colorful and its rind has a nice white color to it. It is a wonderful cheese with a very unique texture and taste, which of course goes perfectly with a hearty green salad.

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The second cheese that I want to talk about in this article is coco raw milk cheese from Switzerland. This cheese is much like the raw milk cheese from the Alps, and it is a very delicious and unusual cheese that I am extremely fond of. It comes from mountain goats that graze around the higher altitudes of the Alps, which of course increases the probability of producing a high quality and distinctive cheese. The cheese is aged in cave systems that are thousands of years old, and some of it has even been found in ovens from the Stone Age. The cheese is full of nutrients and very high in calcium, and because of the many minerals that are found in it (such as boron, manganese, calcium and magnesium) it is also highly beneficial for our health.


In closing I would just like to say that these two cheeses are only two of the hundreds of different cheese types that can be made into raw milk cheese. There are literally hundreds of different types of cheeses from all over the world that can be turned into raw milk cheese and it is such a fun and interesting hobby to take up. You can buy the raw milk cheese from Switzerland and coco raw milk cheese from the Alps online if you do not live anywhere near either of them. But either way you will enjoy some fantastic cheeses!

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